Karam Assany
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Good evening. I'm Karam. An 18-solar-year-old homo sapien indiviual living on the surface of the solid crust of Earth. Striving to abstain from proprietary software, sex (or even platonic relationships), and non-human-animal-derived products. Also striving to adapt to a minimalist lifestyle however possible. Interested in metaphilosophy, metamathematics and metalogic, metascience, philosophy of science, mathematics, engineering, art and other unrelated tangents. I'm gender-blind in theory, radical feminist in practice (though I'm not a fan of the word "feminism"). Hobbies include, but surely not limited to, hacking around computers and other complex electronic devices. I also do blogging and writing occasionally. I'm also partially interested in existential philosophy, politics, religions and languages (both formal and natural.) I speak Syrian natively, English and Arabic fluently, and Japanese (just a little.) I currently live in Aleppo, Syria, studying computer engineering in college. That's all.

I hope you can find some fascinating stuff right here. There are also articles in Arabic, Syrian and (soon) Japanese for speakers/students of those languages. Some sections may be abandoned for a while (or forever), so please don't insult me for throwing placeholders everywhere; it's one of my bad habits. Feel free to submit comments and reviews where available. And please inform me in case you find anything suspicious. Enjoy!

These accounts/identities are mine

Accounts that looks to be mine but are not listed here are either private, quasi-private or abandoned. Please inform me in case you suspect someone else is impersonating me.