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Things I hate in Android

(and smartphones in general)

Caution: If you came here thinking this is one of the casual Android vs. iOS bu**s***, I ask you politely to quit this page. Now!

Two things I really hate in the Android ecosystem that always let me away from it. Namely:

Given that Android is the most mainstream operating system, it is natural that most of its users do not give a f*** about privacy and freedom. But when I see so-called experts not caring about that; It's very bad! Thankfully, the situation is getting better given that many folks are spreading awareness about the nonfree swamp that the smartphone community as whole has been diving in for a long time.


Just use freedom-centric operating systems like PostmarketOS on freedom-centric smartphone like: the Pinephone, the Fairphone or the Librem 5. Or more harshly, don't use a smartphone at all.