Karam Assany
Welcome to the Japan area! Read the message below: (historical)
" If you're an old, frequent visitor of this website [meaning the old one], you'll notice something strange: This section [the Japan area] has been here the whole time but never been added to! So, I have something to say right here. I don't know where to begin. This message is born out of depression, a very vague feeling to be quite honest. In the fall of this empty year [2019], I noticed something; I didn't know why I was going astray from what I efffectively adored at some point; I loved anime and manga so bad, but maybe I just couldn't express myself in a bunch of articles? Not exactly. The real story is, after years since I made this section, exactly in the fall of 2018, I almost gradually forgot everything about Japan, about the Japanese language, culture and music. I forgot about what I admittedly considered special like anime and manga. And after this long while of sh**ty, confusing life events, I finally understood! And now I should say, I feel so sorry for myself. I should had never, ever abandoned those exciting things that entertained and educated me for about two years. I have learned from that mistake how to avoid becoming so empty and lifeless. It's fortunate that I managed to get it right, to be able to understand what I've missed in this period of time. In this very moment, I've decided to recover my inner nature, as a boring section of this website, and also as an interesting part of myself. Japan in general (anime, manga and J-pop in special) formulated significant segments of my life and personality during adolscence and before. Back in the days, those were literally everything to me! I can't believe how I forgot them like a piece of salt melt in the ocean. Anyway, thank you for reading " - (2019/09/16, revised in 2020/04/20)