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[HISTORICAL] A fan letter

" If you're an old, frequent visitor of this website [referring to the old one], you'll notice something strange: This section [the Japan area] has been here the whole time but never been added to! So, I have something to say right here. I don't know where to begin. This message is born out of confusion; a very vague feeling to be quite honest. In the fall of this empty year [referring to 2019], I thought a bit; I didn't know why I was going astray from what I efffectively adored; I loved anime and manga so bad, but maybe I just couldn't express myself in a bunch of articles? Not exactly. The real thing is, after years since I made this section, I gradually started to forgot everything about Japan, about the Japanese language, culture and music. I forgot about what I previously considered special like anime and manga. And now, after this long while of sh**ty life events, I finally understood! I should had never, ever abandoned those exciting things that entertained and educated me for in the past. It's fortunate that I managed to get it right, to be able to notice what I've missed in that lifeless and empty period of time. So, in this very moment, I've decided to recover my inner nature, as a boring section of this website, and also as an interesting part of myself. Japan in general (anime, manga and J-pop in special) formulated significant segments of my life and personality during and before adolscence. Back in the days, those meant a lot for me! And now they will mean even more. Thank you for reading " - (2019/09/16, revised in 2020/08/20)