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This public timeline reports my story with Anime (and Manga), from the beginning to the current moment, summurised enough to avoid unnecessary details. I'm not sure that you (or anyone) actually need to read this.


[1] You can visit my anime/manga list on MAL to get a full list of anime and manga that I've watched and read so far (not available yet.) [2] This timeline exhibits bad English, because of hastiness in the time of writing, plus other minor factors. [3] I am self-diagnosed with Pro-dramatic Psychological Mess (PDPM) (don't look it up, I made up this term haha), which is a kind of shallow philia/phobia combination extended from drama-related feelings in general. This pyschological experience affects me highly in the case of anime (and to a less extent, manga). Symptoms include irrational fear of: spoilers, rewatching (a scene or a whole series), AMVs (a result of the two previous phobias), OST/OP/ED/etc rehearing (especially after finishing the series/movie/etc), watching/reading in bad quality (bad translation, low graphics, etc), (sudden) stop or inability of watching anime (because of insecurities), and other things. [4] What I mean by "secure" and "insecure" is the outer environment that do or do not allow (directly or indirectly) me to watch anime (or read manga.) [5] This timeline is not up-to-date.

Pre 2016 Spring - Fifteen years of my life

This period, starting from me being conscious, is actually full of "proto-"anime (and proto-manga). But I don't consider it a real "otaku" era for two main reasons. First, everything I watched was dubbed and adapted into Arabic and for kids, and second, I didn't know at that time what anime is as a concept.
Actually, I heard about anime for the first time when I was about 12 years old (my cousin told me). After that, I read more and more about it; I felt really attached to the "otaku" community. I was so excited to join it by watching some anime or reading some manga. On the other hand, I was dispirited enough to not try anything at all.At that time. watching anime required me very high spirit, secure spacetime void, fast and stable Internet connection or another secure anime/manga source, which was all inavailable.
In the middle school, I somehow managed to find a classmate who watches anime, but he didn't appear to be into anime. I asked him about where to obtain anime and manga, and then I gave him a flash memory, which in the next day he copied some One Piece and Naruto episodes on it. That was clearly meaningless, because One Piece and Naruto are very long to watch only a few episodes from the middle of the plot. I tried to watch the episodes but I didn't understand anything, plus, I was not psychologically prepared to do so. I thought too much. I thought about downloading the episodes from the Internet (at that time I had Internet connection), but still, I was highly discouraged (because of the PPM maybe?).
All before that accidentally happened: In 2016 holiday (after I graduated from the middle school), while I was in a rare visit in my cousin's home (brother of that cousin whol told me about anime in the past), I noticed some anime DVDs on the table where I sat; I was really surprised! Wow! Someone watches anime? Someone had anime DVDs? I asked him if I can borrow some of them, he agreed. I borrowed Ano Natsu De Matteru, Guilty Crown, Infinite Stratos and Aquarion Evol.Though me being excited, I was still really discouraged from trying one of those DVDs, due to non-understandable insecurity. I was satisfied by merely creating ISO images of these DVDs just if I desired to watch them in the future.

2016 Spring & Summer - The Rise of the "Otaku"

Someway, I found a website that provides Arabic-translated manga, I felt secure enough to start downloading two manga series, the awesome Death Note manga, and another less-famous one called Crows. I felt very happy to be finally able to join the "otaku" community, even without the insecurities of anime! Finally I'm going to enjoy Japanese stories! In those days, I loved manga very much, it was very important to me, secure and simple, as opposed to the insecure and unobtainable anime. I've read a great number of chapters of the two mentioned manga, so did a cousin of mine (not a sibling of the one who provided.)
In that time, I was searching (with another cousin) for a local source (i.e. DVD store) that provides anime, we were exactly looking for the ones mentioned in the borrowed DVDs' covers.
It went so good until 29 August, that day that I initized my "anime progress" and "upgraded" from manga. In that special day (special enough to be marked as an anniversary), there were no one in the home except me and my sleeping dad. My discouragement from watching anime suddenly faded away. On my dad's laptop, I picked up some ISO image (that I created previously), it was Ano Natsu De Matteru. I was interested in that anime, because it was short (12 episodes) and had a hot DVD cover. I watched 3 episodes of it in success, that was exactly where the addiction began. I felt a very special magic, finally, after those long years, I managed to start off! In the next day, I watched another 3 episodes, and so the next day. To feel secure was important to me, so I didn't watch an episode if there were someone in the room. Unfortunately, I was only able to use the laptop on the living room, the most crowd room. And morever, in those days, I was not fond of using a headset. So, in the fourth day, it was the weekend, I could not watch the last 3 episodes. I went mad for an hour, it was the PPM. I was so sad to feel insecure again. The next day, the same happened. The following day, I finally managed to watch the episodes and complete the series! I was very shocked by the end of every episode. That anime had a confusing end (I didn't know if it was sad or happy end lol). So aside from those things, I started to extend my spacetime ability to feel more secure about the next anime.
After two weeks, I started to watch Guilty Crown, which was another interesting DVD I borrowed. But I stopped after the first episode, due to new insecurity rised (it was Eid as I can recall.) After a few days, I started to watch Shinryaku! Ika Musume but also failed to continue. In that September, I managed to watch Death Note.

2016 Fall

Now in October, I watched a plenty of anime, namely: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, Big Order, Infinite Stratos, and in the end of the month I started to watch Dragon Ball Super. (The story is not complete yet.)

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