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The most beautiful language...

Everytime when a survey is accomplished about the most "romantic" language, we always got the European gang at top of the list, namely: French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese. Wait a sec! Japanese is not a European language!
If you put Europe aside (i.e. temporarily send Europen citizens to Mars), you'd see that Japanese is the most romantic, elegant language on Earth.
That's the opinion of many people, but mine is a bit different...

I classify Japanese as the prominent romantic language, above all its European peers. While most people see French or Spanish as more "romantic" than any other language, I come to say that Japanese is the "cutest" over all. The cuteness in Japanese sounds have no equivalents in French nor Spanish, however it has in its cousins like Mandarin, Thai or Korean.
Haven't you heard any Japanese yet? I recommend you to watch your first Japanese MV here.

What makes Japanese so cute? (Just an opinion)
  1. Its bright tones
    The five vowels, あ, い, う, え, and お, that composite the whole Japanese speech, have very special tones that our ears can notice, they're bright enough to make Japanese the cutest language.
  2. Its accent
    The way speech should be released is the second most important factor that makes Japanese cute. On the other hand, sometimes the accent itself is what makes Japanese very unappealing to the ear. But often, it does not.
  3. Its moraic structure
    Sometimes simplicity makes things cute, so does the moraic structure of Japanese speech.
  4. People who speak it
    East Asian people in general are the cutest in the world in terms of smallness, due to many morphological and cultural aspects, like having the smallest scales and the highest voices.
  5. The shapes of Kana
    To be honest, Kanji is not cute at all. But Kana is, though it originated from Kanji. Kana and Hangul are the two most cutest writing systems in my vision.