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a message from an Ex Flat Earther

Hey, I have something to tell you right here: I was a Flat Earther for about one year (2018-2019) that I used to believe in the geocentric flat Earth model of the world. But how and why? And what changed my mind later "back" to the scientifically-accepted spherical Earth model? I'll answer these questions below.

Before that, I want to point out something I've seen frequently when people discusses the shape of the Earth, as this can apply to any other Science vs. Religion discussion in general. Many people do criticize flat-Earthers and the Flat Earth model in a unsophisticated and stupid way, exhibiting the notion of having the truth instead of seeking it. Another thing is that most of people don't understand the flat model as well as the spherical one. Both sides are committing a variety of logical fallacies, from straw men to appealing to authority, and these uneducated way of discussion and refutation had made it harder for me (and probably everyone who is interested in the real shape of Earth) to realize the truth.

Hence, I recommend people who are wishing to join these discussions, to study both models and understand why some people come to believe in a flat Earth and deny the scientific evidence. Flat Earthers are not stupid or anything, they just have another philosophical stance. Some flat Earthers are stupid, just like some spherical Earthers. The thing is that people are making very stupid arguments when they consider that %50 of people think the Earth is flat and %50 think it is spherical. That's stupid!Now, let's dive into the reasons why people believe the Earth is flat and not a globe.