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7 Reasons why I'm not religious

I'll demonstrate here why I'm not religious, of any kind, specifically not a Muslim; despite the fact that I grew up in an Islamic household, and lived (and still living) in an Islamic society (my parents are devout Muslims and almost all my relatives and friends are Muslims too.)Please note that I've never been a Muslim, I've never embraced Islam or any other religion. However, like most children in this world, I was just doing what my parents indoctrinated me to do. When I grew up enough, I starting investigating all those doctrines, so I found out what I found. I did not choose Islam at anytime. So don't call me an ex-muslim or an apostate.You can read a detailed essay about my worldview here.

Reason 1: I don't need to be religiously affiliated

I mean, I don't need this distressing identity. I don't need this additional yet unnecessary identity to isolate myself and the others into more and more subgroups. Considering the awful reality that most people take on their parents' religion, no sane person should care about religious affiliation. Religion as an ideology is very dangerous for individuals, especially in non-secular and theocratist cultures. It's true that religion was not meant to exist to control the population, but today it is utilized for this evil purpose. I don't need more borders in my life, I need freedom.

Reason 2: Religious beliefs are immature, narcissist and ridiculous

I think religions arise mostly because of fear, ignorance and mental disorders. Our ancestors, when they gradually became sapient, they were very lonely in the wild nature, so they had the urge to use their brand new imagination machine to invent some "non-natural" realities to feel less lonely. Humans (like other animals) don't want to die, so they believe (using their imaginary) in the afterlife or reincarnation. Humans think they're significant and special (and I don't know why), so they deny mediocrital scientific theories like the evolution and the Big Bang. Humans tend to accept social superstition and heritage, but not anymore. So, in this age of humanity, where people have open access to knowledge, it's time to grow up.

Reason 3: Naturalist explanations are to be trusted

Naturalism, rationalism and empiricism in the scientific method is the most trusted source of evidence, ever. Instead of superstition; science and philosophy can go hand in hand toward a better knowledge base. Religious philosophy is outdated, so all we need here is just a more sophisticated philosophy.

Reason 4: Humanist philosophy is sufficient and satisfying

Humanist philosophical morals directly contradict and oppose many religious beliefs. And one cannot be genuinely religious and genuinely humanist at the same moment. Humanism was my personal choice over religion. Morals are evolving while mainstream religions are resisting.

Reason 5: Religious faith is mostly rooted and supported by emotion, not reason

Religious faith is, by the admission of religions themselves, based on and maintained by pure emotions. Fear is an example. Plus, religious faith is, as opposed to faith in science, is not very useful. In fact, it is very dangerous. We're in the 21st century, humans can survive without any religious faith.

Reason 6: Dogmatism is the central problem.

Fundamentalism is the consequenceI don't want to put my brain in a cage. Most religions have a set of red borders that no one is allowed to jump over. Because, obviously, if you did jump over them, you'd be outside forever.

Reason 7: Supernatural beings and paranormal phenomena are very unlikely

Gods, angels, devils and all mystical beings are not giving any direct proof of their existence. Science cannot observe non-material/non-energical beings, but it can explain the anecdotes given by people who claim they witnessed such things.

So what do you believe? Maybe these reasons are not enough for you to stay away from religion, but for me, they are!