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What happened to the LGBT section?

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you must have noticed the absence of a section that contains a bunch of long articles about LGBT issues and stuff. I'll try to explain as brief as possible why I removed that section.

I no longer support LGBT

Don't get me wrong! I didn't convert to a "anti-gay" stance. I'm not against "gay marriage" at all. I just found that most LGBT advocates are dealing with the tail of the problem, not the deep root. Also, LGBT pride no longer works. In essence, we cannot be proud of something that we didn't choose, never to say celebrating it in the streets a whole month every year.

So what's the root problem?

Gender! Yes, genderism is indeed the root problem of a great percentage of social prejudices and injustices; "sexism", "homophobia", you name it. And the sad news is that most "progressive" people and organizations are not fighting genderism in its roots, they're just fighting a specific model of it to replace it with another prejudiced one. This applies to ninety-nine percent of the LGBT community and the feminist community combined.

Looking further, the feminist community is that they constantly demand "gender" equality and equity, which leads us to another kind of genderism that will, sooner or later, deviate to another brand of injustice. And we don't even need to mention how both the LGBT community and the feminist community are based entirely on genderism. Again, we have to fight the real monster without creating another monster that we in the end will lose control of.

Clarification and conclusion

After seeing the real picture, you may be wondering if it's worth to fight for women's and LGBT rights. My answer is, of course it is! However, you should be careful in the ideological and philosophical discourse. First off, you don't need to be an "LGBT rights advocate" or "women's right advocate", just be a "human right advocate". This way you can help the progress without supporting genderism. Also try to avoid and oppose any proposed novel model of genderism. Believe me, they're all equally devastating.

In the end, our minds and thoughts are very volatile. We may not change our very principles, but we may approach the same subjects with new, more sophisticated manners. This section will be the section of post-genderism . I'll be talking here about how a world without genders will be like, and how genderism destroys human societies and constantly innovates new models of privileges. Thank you for the read!